I Love Working With Tysan and Zenon!  

They will hear the whisperings of your body, and stand for you—standing for your best self.  

They will empower you to transform your inner and outer body with easy grace.  

—REGENA THOMASHAUER Best-selling Author CEO, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

Zenon has taken me to the next level of fitness.  

After 35 years of avid exercise and 8 trainers I can say…  

Zenon is the best trainer I have ever worked with.  

His knowledge and application of functional anatomy is precise and educational. 

He goes beyond basic training with an emphasis on sharing knowledge not just dictating and counting.

DR. LEN HOROVITZ, MD Voted Top 100 Doctors (New York Magazine, 2009)

"I heard about Tysan’s work from many of my friends, so I had no hesitation to sign up for her Tribe program…. And it was totally worth it!"


“My friends train with Tyzen and they are some of the sexiest, strongest, healthiest people I know.”

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“Wow - both our backs feel so much better! Jack’s hamstrings & quads and other tight spots feel good and the pinch places in my back from the fall are released!  

Thank you so much!.”

 - Ilana and Jack Firestone  

I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life… 'Strong core, tight butt, and toned arms' – That’s what I asked for and that’s what I’m getting.  

I’ve been training with Tysan weekly for several months over Skype video. It’s a mix of personal training, Pilates and Yoga all bundled into one.  

Her core work is killer! Love, love, love how I feel.  

Even when I don’t feel like working out, Tysan gets me in the groove. I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life… and she makes it fun and easy.  

STACEY MORGENSTERN Co-Founder, Health Coach Institute

Before working with Tysan I was struggling with my weight. With my wedding around the corner, I decided to sign up for her VIP health coaching program.  

I immediately saw results! My appetite and digestion improved, and I finally fit back into my skinny jeans!  

Loving her work, I decided to try training with Tysan as well.  

She takes me through 30 minutes of kick-ass training which not only makes me feel satisfyingly sweaty and sore, I feel more stable and in less pain!  

—CAREY PETERS Founder, Health Coach Institute


Tysan is my trainer and the ONLY trainer I refer people to. 

She has helped me get so strong and stay injury-free while doing it. She's also helped my girlfriend do the same thing in the midst of a BUNCH of health challenges. 

I was impressed by her progress I hired Tysan for myself and referred my own father to work with her. 


Working with Tysan has totally changed the way I think about exercise and health....

She made me feel connected to my body and soul again....

I thought that I had a lot of body awareness before I started training with Tysan, but she really opened my eyes up to so many things...


I always feel safe and know my body is in good hands while Zenon pushes me to new limits. 


Training in a small group has given me an affordable way to work with a trainer, and it was sweet to have this regular contact with my girlfriends.


I used to think the chronic discomfort in my hip and lower back was just a part of life for me — the price I had to pay for an active life.  

After two months of training with Tyzen, I know better! My hips and core are now stable, strong — and best of all —pain free!  


Working with Tysan is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in years. Thank you!  


After a lifetime of randomness I am learning to make healthier choices, easily and I’ve already lost 15 lbs. 

I feel stronger, calmer and more balanced. 

My thoughts are clear and my life is moving with nice cadence. 

Tysan’s approach is holistic and leaves you with a sense of your own power rather than relying on someone to babysit your choices.  

- Deirdre Featherstone

I have great energy, and my chronic lower back pain is dramatically reduced. I’ve ramped up my exercise in a way that is fun and super effective, and I’ve lost 15 pounds since we started working together 7 weeks ago.


...I tried to find new routines, yoga classes abroad, videos and nothing clicked until I started doing Tysan Lerner's twice weekly live small group personal trainings. 

In the last 18 months, Tysan has helped my get back into the best shape of my life.


Tysan is da BOMB!!! She has a wonderful, complete way of working with people. 


I never would have though I could do personal training virtually and I’ll tell you – I love it.  

I’m 35, I run a company, and over the years I’ve noticed my level of fitness creep down, and my weight creep up.  

I hired Tysan for an intensive 3 month combination of personal training, and health coaching over skype video and was nothing but impressed.  

After 7 weeks, I had already lost 12 pounds, 30% of my excess body fat, and 2 inches off my waist. And, best of all, I still got to eat bacon : )  

Now my wife works with Tysan too, as well as a close friend, and we all talk about how convenient it is to work out from home.  

I’ve worked with different trainers over the years, as well as food and nutrition people. What makes Tysan special is that she’s a lifelong student of movement. 

She’s studied dance, martial arts, pilates, etc. her whole life. She pays such incredible attention and has an incredible eye towards the subtle and a gifted way to push you, but in the right way. Its really amazing.  

With a few dumbbells a yoga mat, and my computer, Tysan kicks my ass in just the perfect way.  

I really can’t recommend Tysan enough. 

As a man who has been too busy to exercise most of his life, I actually enjoy my sessions, and I love the results. 

Thank you Tysan!

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